Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hi guys,

It's that time again that comes with chemo- the constant hiccups, moodiness, being a chatter box and all the rest that's needed for healing- (just to name a few.) These will continue on for the next week or so.

Just want to give a quick update on his visit with Dr. Neelam yesterday.

Our visit was focused more on his nutrition and less on numbers (love these types of conversations!)

You'll also notice that its been three weeks since his last chemo so he's actually a week late. But it's okay because we had to take care of some personal things last week Friday- so it worked out on our behalf.       


Dr. Neelam did an exam on him before chemo and said all the blood work results look good- while the markers continue to go down. We chatted more about his nutrition and when's his next BIG scan coming up.
She wanted us to continue to use the tube feeding and said it would only help him.

In my previous blog post I mentioned that Luis is eating more solid foods now days and less of the tube feeding. But we're actually going to start using it during the day instead of at night. He doesn't like to get hooked up at night because while he's asleep, the pump fills his belly up with a lot of air. This causes him a lot of discomfort, bloating and cramps- (not good).

Since he had a scan done back in July, she said we don't need one for another three months. So the next scan will be in October. And as always, I will continue to keep you guys updated and informed of any new changes.

Until next time.......................................much love to you all :o)    


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