Saturday, November 18, 2017


All of us at one time or another encountered some type of failure in life. Sometimes the things we set out to achieve, may take more than one shot before it becomes a success. Don't let that stop you though. We all have our moment. Best believe that.

My most recent failure came in a form of a sport referred to as a bikini competition. Although, I've been involved in this type of sport before, I've never felt so beaten and discouraged by it as much as I have with this one.

I was angry at myself. I felt like I really didn't give it my all- and therefore, I didn't deserve to win.

All I wanted to do was win a trophy for my husband- (who's passed a few years ago).

Well, it didn't happen as I planned. In fact, nothing happened as I planned. From one thing to another, failure after failure.

As I stood back stage, listening to the guy call out the names for the top five winners, it really made me aware of what was happening on a spiritual level. I wasn't ready to receive.

I watched all five women step back on stage. I knew it was their moment and they earned it. I was happy for them and felt humbled.

It was that moment, back stage, where I realized that I had to step up my game and not let the distractions distract me from my goals anymore. Plus, I needed to stop focusing on petty shit.

My thoughts today: I don't blame anyone or anything for how things unfolded for me. I realized that what's for me is still on the way.

So what to do when you fail? Just keep working. Keep believing. What ever your goal is. And never settle before your blessing!