Monday, July 11, 2011


Hi guys,

Well, it's Monday the 11th and it's not the usual Monday (the day after chemo) here at home. By this time, Luis would be on the couch in front of the tv falling in and out of sleep- my favorite moments I love to call (HEALING time). You know, 46 hours of chemo does wear the body out.

Today, we actually had another storm and no power again. So what did we do? Well, first, I went to the treatment center for my second training with my youngest son. Then came home, packed up all the food from the fridge and headed to my mom's place with the kids- while Luis stayed home resting. My parents are out of town so it works out beautiful for all of us.

When I got back, I gave him his medicine/supplements with some breakfast and all of us headed back to my moms. He was exhausted and it was hard to get him out of the bed but I knew he would be better at my moms.

Now we're all relaxed with the ac on while he's resting/sleeping- (aka, healing) and I still believe life is beautiful. :o)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hi guys,

Today, I'm going to go a little of the topic with what I usually blog about. But I promise it's going to be a healthy post for the new MIND (literally). :o)

And as far as Luis's doctors visit Friday- well, let's just say the doctor wasn't very happy with his previous chemo cancellation.


I always get inspired when I hear someone looking to better their health. But I especially get excited when it's coming from my kids.

A few days ago my oldest son (T.J.) who is 18, came to visit us from Chicago. And while we went for a little drive, he opened up a conversation on one of my favorite topics of all- HEALTH. It was very inspiring to hear that he was looking to improve his health. But at the same time, I felt that he was going about it the wrong way in his head. So I figured this chat really deserved some GREAT recognition and thought I'd share it here- as I know many people still think this way.

Raising T.J. has been and still is one of my greatest challenges- especially when it comes to his health. But he's also been my greatest accomplishment through all the things he's taught me as a mom. After all, it was him who first inspired me to pick up my first set of dumbbells- after giving birth to him. :o) But since he moved in with his father last year, it's gotten even harder for me to help him develop healthy habits.


So our conversation opened up with him asking me for some guidance on making better food choices. He said that he was worried about getting sick-(or as he put's it) developing high blood pressure, cholesterol, or even kidney stones. (I thought to myself) Oh man, where's this kids mind at?

Picture of T.J. (left) and cousin Sammy (right).

The conversation went something like this:

T.J.: "Mom I want you to help me pick better food choices to eat. I've been eating out at fast food restaurants with my dad a lot lately. You know, I don't want to get sick. Would Subway be good to eat 3 times a week- if I choose that?"

Me: "Yeah of course I'll help you. Remember though, to improve your health, taking smaller steps is a better approach than making drastic changes. And you can't be imagining and talking about getting sick while looking to improve your health either. Subway is a good choice. It's not the BEST- but it's a better choice."

T.J.: "Ok. I also want to stop drinking pop too because I heard I can get kidney stones. My dad's friend said it's really painful too."


I wanted him to understand that health is an inside job. So I began to explain to him that first he must clear his mind of all wrong ideas and negative thoughts- (negative thoughts are thoughts of what you don't want). He needs to also begin to see and feel himself healthy already in his minds eye. Then, each day, his right thoughts will be followed with right actions. Everything starts with the right MIND set.

Our thoughts are both the words we hear in our heads and the words we speak out loud. For exapmle, when you say to somebody, "What a beautiful day," you had the thought first and then spoke the words. Our thoughts also become our actions. Which means we can't take any action without thinking the thought first.


Luis did go to do chemo this past Friday and everything went well. But he did mention that Dr. Neelam wasn't happy with him taking a break- and she made sure he knew.

This is what I have to say about that: Some doctors still don't want to accept the fact that patients still have some control over the outcome of their treatment. Yes, chemo might be important to them (go figure, that's all they study) but to a patient, more important things should matter. Such as, what are their thoughts and feelings about their unique circumstance. What are also their beliefs about themselves and life. Because it's our beliefs, true or untrue that form our world.

"A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it's real, so (therefore) he escapes the suffering." ~Gauatama Buddha~ (563-483 BC)

until next time.............start believing in good health for yourself


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