Monday, December 19, 2011


Hi everyone,

Here's the updates on Friday's doctors appointment as promised. Thanks for being patient. :o)

This time, I decided not to go with him, but he still was kind enough to keep me informed through out the day with everything that was happening around him.


A couple of weeks ago my son's teacher (Ms. Chang) asked me if I can chaperone on a field trip with her class. At first, I told her I can't because of Luis's appointments and chemo the same day. But things changed when my little guy Luis- (aka- Sito) came to me a few days later and said he really wanted me to go.


Let me just say I'm glad I chose to go on this trip. I understand my kids need me too. In more ways than one.

Luis also said he was happy I wasn't there this time. He said there was a lot of bad vibes around him. The doctors visit turned out to be a big surprise- as Luis explained to me.


 "God is guiding us."  

A few days ago his right leg swelled up and we weren't sure if he was getting chemo. We did however know that it was one of those crazy side effects of chemo.

According to Luis, Dr. Neelam examined his right leg, then mentioned his cancer markers (which went up to 10,000 from 7,000). Then she immediately sends him downstairs to imaging- and wants a scan of his abs and right leg to see if he has a blood clog.

His abs came back fine but they did find a blood clog in his right leg. The doc went ahead and put him on a 7 day regimen called Fondaparinux Sodium Solution.

I have to inject him with this for 7 days- and the swelling & blood clog should disappear.

As Luis is calling me to keep me informed, he tells me:

"Oh my God babe! My doctor, her nurses, and everyone downstairs in imaging are freaking out. Some are telling me how dangerous this blood clog is and what can also happen to my heart."

Now mind you, I'm on the phone with him and he's calm as he can be through out the conversation. This is how I replied:

"I know babe. That's part of their job. They don't really know any other way to react to your situation. "Lets just let them do their part and we'll do ours."  

When he called me and told me all this I did wish I was there beside him, supporting him spiritually while spreading good vibe. But I knew it wasn't meant to be- (obviously.) I also knew that Luis does not (and will
not) let fear and these negative statements by others intimidate him. 

I've seen him overcome many obstacles and challenges in the past- and this is just another one of those.


Dr. Neelam decided it was time to move on to plan B. It's a new chemo therapy given to him every Friday for 3 hours in the infusion room. It's less aggressive than the other one.

He did have his first dose this past Friday. And boy was it easier for him to bounce back than the other one.

  "I'm not hoping for a miracle. I'm making one."


We all have our moments of uncertainty, and yes, this was one of those moments where I was a bit taken by surprise. Was I worried? Absolutely not. I have too much FAITH in Luis, his will, and God's work in all this.

Yes, his will has a lot to do with the outcome of his situation. You certainly don't expect God to do everything for you now do you? Of course not.

God will work miracles in our lives, but we still have to do our part.

Luis knows and understands that when we discipline our minds, we DO NOT let fear, doubt and false impressions of the world to intimidate and push us around. He knows he's in control. And he also knows that God's peace fills his mind- and it fills your mind too.

That's health for the new mind for you by the way ;o)

Until next time...I want to wish each one of you and your families a wonderful Christmas. May God continue to bless you with peace, love, and joy.

Some of you I will be celebrating with real soon (can't wait.) While others, I will keep in touch and connect on line. Much love to you all!


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