Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hi everyone,

I have a new update but first, I would like to make a correction with regards to my previous post.

There was a misunderstanding with Luis and his doctor with regards to his new chemo treatment. His chemo is not every Friday for 3 hours- it's a cycle that goes 2 weeks on and 1 week off.  

We're very excited about that week off in between cycles (God heard my prayer and answered.) This gives him more time to focus his attention on life, healing, and ABOVE ALL, perfect health.

I apologize for the long post (again.) I know most of it is me, expressing my thoughts and feelings about everything.

"I blog to express not to impress."


On the 27th of Dec (right after his second nerve block procedure), Here's the link to my post about the first nerve block procedure- in case you haven't read and would like to know.  

Luis experienced some bleeding in his stool. I called Dr. Rahman and asked if it was from the nerve block. He said it shouldn't cause any bleeding and said to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't continue.

The same day, we went ahead and went out to eat pizza with the kids. Shortly after we came home, he had another episode. Plus, this time, he threw up blood.

We knew it was time for another E.R. visit. It was past 11:00 pm and because he wasn't having any pain, he decided he will drive himself to the treatment center while I stay home with the kids. We knew they were going to admit him for further testings.  

The next morning, he calls me up to say that Dr. Vashi will be giving him anesthesia to insert a camera down his tummy to see where the bleeding is coming from.   

I got us ready and took a taxi to the hospital to be there before he was done. As we waited patiently for him to return to his room, I couldn't help but sit there and wonder what now. At one point, I started praying out loud asking God, "What does this mean father? Please guide me and let me feel your presence. I need you."

"Prayer is when we speak to God. Intuition is when God speaks to us."


As I stepped away to make a few phone calls, I remember passing up a couple of ladies who were chatting. One of the ladies said to the other, "They say 6 months to a year...."

But I didn't hear the last words of that sentence. And as I got closer, I heard her say, "After you pass the 1 and a 1/2 year period, you're good to go."

That was my first message that day.

My next message was in the hospitals parking lot. I was getting out of my car with my youngest- and as I looked over at a cars license plate, it read JESC C ....

I'm sure you can guess what that stands for. ;o)

My last one, was when we were on our way home from the hospital. I kept thinking about Luis and prayed for him as I pictured him in my mind (as I always do), at home, happy, healthy, joyous, and doing the things he loves to do.

As I pull over at a gas station, a gentleman approaches me and hands me a card with a web site on it reading,  It also has a paragraph sharing briefly what this web site is about.

We all have messages and feedback that are constantly speaking to us, guiding and directing us in our life!

Only you will know the meaning of the things that come into your life. So you must be alert to what is happening around you so you can ask questions and receive the meaning of the message for you.

I believe this was my feedback from God letting me know through the woman's words at the hospital, the license plate, and the card, that everything's going to be okay.        


When Luis came back to the room, he was still out, sound asleep- as I waited for Dr. Vashi to give me the results.

He enters the room and tells me that the tumor is bleeding. But the good news is that the bleeding has stopped.  He also wants to stop giving him the blood thinner shots that I was giving him daily for the swelling and blood clog on his right leg. He said that might've also caused the bleeding.

Guess what? It's been over a week since I haven't given him those shots and the swelling is gone.

"I always expect miracles to appear in my life."

He had a couple of options for us but because Luis is no longer bleeding, these options don't matter to us. I will let the doctors worry about those- as I continue on expecting for things to improve.

When Luis woke up, I was right beside him and the first words I spoke was, "The tumor  is dying babe. It's bleeding." What a great feeling that was just to say.

Luis had tears in his eyes and shared a little story with me about his spiritual connection to God right before they give him the anesthesia.

It went something like this: "I swear babe, when I was downstairs in imaging, Dr. Vashi told me he doesn't know what's going on with me because all my blood work and stool sample came back fine."

"He said I don't really need blood transfusion but he will give it to me because of the blood I lost in my stool- and when I threw up."

"When doctors can't explain, there comes God. I was even allowed to leave my rosary on while they did the procedure on me."

I said to him, "That's great! So you had Jesus with you the whole time too?" He just smiled at me as he tried to hold himself from crying of joy. :o)

He also told me that I was his angel and my spoken words were exactly what he needed to hear. That just lifted up my spirit even higher. We were both happy and celebrating from the inside.

Until next time.......know that none us have it easy. We all have a story to tell. But guess what? You're the author and get to decide how the story goes. Well, I'm deciding how this goes.  


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