Monday, January 9, 2012


Hi guys,

Earlier today, we had an appointment with Dr. Neelam and I'd like to say it went well.

His blood work all came back good so she went ahead and put in the order for his chemo.

However, she did mention that she was very concerned about the previous bleeding situation that occured a couple of weeks ago.

She said it's not a good thing that the tumor bursted. Luis immediately interrupted her saying, "That's okay with me- I'm glad it did."

Her reply was, "'s a good thing that it bursted but it's also not a good thing because you can still bleed again or even get an ulcer." (Who wants to think like that?)

Can you imagine if doctors shared ONLY their good thoughts and spared the bad ones from patients? Every patient would look forward to their doctors visits as well as the test results- and not to mention, patients would be expecting to get better.

Although today started out painful for him, things are looking better already. Luis and I are in the infusion room getting his chemo. Hey, just when I told you guys in my last post that his new chemo is for 3 hours. Well, the nurse informed us earlier that it's only for 2 hours.

Luis said, "Even better." And what I say to that is, "Thank you father- (again) for making his treatments easier for us all." God knows how much I waited for a much milder treatment for him.

As I sit here updating you guys, he is sound asleep in his comfy chair snoring- (must be the Benadryl). But I know healing is taking place right now. So for now, I will leave you guys with one last thought:

The healing presence of God is in each one of us, we may not be aware of it, but it's there. ;o)

Sending much love to you all!    


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