Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hey guys,

I wanted to let you guys know that Luis will not be having chemo tomorrow.

Playing Video Games While Waiting
When we visited the E.R. on Tuesday for the biliary tube issue, they took some blood work from him as usual.

Before we left the hospital, they gave him a prescription for antibiotics just in case of an infection.

A different kind of blood work called culture was also taken but the results hadn't come back yet- until today.

It showed an organism bacteria was found in the blood- and Dr. Vashi wants him on a 10 day antibiotic via IV.

A company called Coram will  be coming out to our house tomorrow to connect a pump that will infuse the medicine over an hour. We will also be trained on how to connect and disconnect the pump for the remainder 9 days.
They'll be no chemo tomorrow and his dr wants a follow up a few days from now. She wants to make sure he's properly covered with antibiotic before giving him chemo again.

It's amazing how things happen sometimes. We were just chatting this morning about (believe it or not) wishing there was no chemo tomorrow.

His leg can use a little more recovery time and he had BIG plans to enjoy the super bowl with family. Well, his prayer was heard.     

We look at what just happened as another counted blessing- and not as a down fall. We believe God is guiding the doctors on every decision they make with regards to his treatments. And everything is going as planned.

"The great secret to happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles." :o)

Until next time........have a peaceful and blessed night.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing great and are in the best of health. I have some new news to share with you guys.

But first, let me mention that the pain that Luis was experiencing seemed to lessen. He's doing much better.

Dr. Rohman did tell us that with the nerve blocks, Luis will have days where it feels like the block isn't working at all.

We believe he might've been experiencing one of those days. Luis told me to just go ahead and cancel the appointment with Dr. Rohman.


A couple of days ago, his biliary tube stopped draining. We went in to the E.R. and were told he needed it replaced. They told us to come in the following morning- (which was today) for the procedure.

Everything went good and he's sound as sleep at the moment. Dr. Vashi just spoke to me and said sometimes those tubes get loose and wore out causing it to get out of place. He said they replaced the tube with a thicker one. Things should be working like new  again.

Also, the old tube started to leak right after chemo and Luis was getting really annoyed by it. This new tube actually fixed that issue as well. No more leaks!

Right now, he's in recovery for a few hours and is expected to come home later today.

Chemo is still scheduled for this Friday. If anything changes I will let you guys know.

I have a few hours to spare so I will let you guys go so you guys can enjoy the rest of your day, as I will go and continue enjoying mine as I get my workout done here at the treatment center.   

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hi my lovely family & friends,

Hope you guys are doing great! We are doing well besides Luis having some pain issues again. I just wanted to share what's been happening at home in the last week or so.

Cousin Alex and Will
Everything was good a few days after chemo. He even had some visits from family a day after- which I must say, he enjoyed very much.

But sometimes even when things are looking good,  and he's feeling great- even then, a better treatment can bring some unpleasant surprises for us.

We're quiet use to these unwelcome surprises. I like to call them obstacles and challenges.   

One surprise was his leg swelled up again last week- and although it's getting better (as I'm writing this), he did spend all last week upstairs in the room.

We didn't want to put too much pressure on the leg so he kept his cute little behind in our bedroom just playing video games.

The second surprise was the pain he used to have back in October (right before the first nerve block procedure), has come back. We were told that this nerve block can last up to several months or even past a year.

It seems it lasted around 4 months for Luis. It might be time for another visit with Dr. Rohman (aka- Dr. feel good.)  
I will keep you guys posted on what's next, if there will be another nerve block. It might be a false alarm.

Until next time......have a blessed night. 


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