Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi everyone,

Here's my update on how Luis is doing with the nerve block, how his doctors visit went on Monday- and a couple of things he's been up to lately.

Since my last post, I noticed- (with regards to the nerve block) a few bad nights, and stomach pain with heart burn. But then again, these symptoms do come and go. And so I don't give any attention to them. 
These of course, are just shadows in my mind.

Now what I really noticed lately that stood out and over shadowed the negatives, is this constant desire to fix cars (his passion).

"I'm not blind, I ONLY see what matters- and I'm not deaf, I ONLY hear what counts.


"Six days after chemo, he used his (what we all have) God giving will to fix the head gasket on his dad's car. He had some help from his dad and little brother Jimmy- (it was a big job.) It took them a day and a half to finish, but at least they were blessed with pleasant weather. 

I  was so happy for him that he actually had the desire to do the work. I know how much he misses working on cars ever since he started chemo again in 2010. He actually told me he enjoyed fixing his dad's car.

This is exactly how we want to keep moving along in our journey. Life has got to be lived. And Luis is living his life, expressing himself, and doing what he loves to do. Gods will is the will of life for us all. And our life is always seeking expression through each one of us as Harmony, Health, Love, Peace, Joy, and perfection.    

 "There's no force on earth more powerful than the WILL TO LIVE- so why fight for things you want to achieve?"


Recently, he also picked up a new habit, cooking- and began experimenting with new recipes. So for Thanksgiving, (of course) he decided to make a turkey for the first time.

We stayed home on Thanksgiving and had his parents and sister with her family over for dinner. And with the turkey being so delicious, and full of flavor- we made our own feast. Not bad for a first timer.


During the times he was fixing cars, cooking, and doing all the things he loves doing, he didn't feel the need to rely on morphine as much as he used to. Keep in mind, all we did was minimize his pain meds- (advised by Dr. Rohman.) To be honest, the pain has lessened- and it's obvious when I see him fixing cars in our back yard- and taking trips to the junk yard for parts for my car. The nerve block is working. Maybe not 100%, but its working.

 While the dose for his pain meds decreased, my dose of love for him has increased. And it just keeps growing for me. The man has inspired me to love like I've never loved before. He's been my biggest inspiration.


The nurse assessment also went well on Monday. His blood work came back good, and he managed to gain 6.5 lbs. within 2 weeks. I'm sure a couple of those lbs. came from the turkey. YAY for him!    

Even though we didn't see Dr. Neelam.

Remember on my previous post, I mentioned that she wanted to see us after 2 chemo cycles- so she can check to see if his cancer markers have gone down? Well, this Monday was his second cycle. Our next appointment with her will be on Dec 16th. 

I will have an update on the results for that before Christmas- for those of you who are interested. :o)  

Until next time..........know that Gods will for you is the will of life


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