Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hi guys,

Just wanted to give an update on Luis's progress as well as share my thoughts on the symptom which came back to visit us. Plus, some incredible things he still manages to do during his treatments.

As I write this blog, I'm walking in nature with my kids and nephews at a nearby park trail. Which brings me to a warm feeling of love and joy that I constantly receive from God. I remain patient, faithful and trusting in his work. I thank him for the moment that my family is here visiting us from Utah. And I thank him for the positive support I continue to receive from them all. There's always something to be thankful for.       


Last weeks chemo really kicked his butt. And although he's been resting a lot lately, he still managed to fix his dad's car (with help from dad and brother Jimmy) and did some things around the house that he loves doing. There was a couple of vomiting issues after chemo but nothing compared to before.

One of the things that's been happening is we've been cutting down on his J tube feeding- (unconsciously) since he's been eating more solid foods these days. And that's something new since his surgery in March. Now he gets to eat most of his calories from food- (as he should).

He does still get stomach pains but we just keep looking at the big picture. We see all the good that's surrounding us and refuse to dwell on the obstacles.

Before chemo, he also had an opportunity to barbeque chicken wings for us. And while doing so, he decided to chop some wood (which I thought he was crazy) and made a bomb fire in the back yard. He did pay the price the very next day- as he went to work.

But the nurse did say she was very impressed with the physical labor he's done. She said it's important for all cancer patients to still stay active during treatments. But did advise him not to chop wood next time. As that type of labor can take a lot of energy out of a patient.  

But all in all, what matters to me is that he continues to make use of his WILL. His God giving will to live. Does what he desires to do, when he feels like doing it. And never allowing cancer to steal his life.

Until next time, be thankful for what you have and you'll keep getting more things to be thankful for. :o)     


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