Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hi guys,

Wow... it's been an AMAZING 2 weeks since my last blog and I'm already expecting a great summer with family and friends. Luis is enjoying the warm weather without some of the side effects of chemo. And with my kids being on summer break, I'm actually looking forward to more time focusing on my personal goals. You know... the goals that we put off for too long.


Doctors visit on Friday went well (according to Luis). I didn't stick around because the kids didn't want to stay. But he did tell me how it all went. He said that his blood work came back good (again). The cancer cell counts are steady, and his liver enzymes are getting better with each blood work. I told him the carrot and beet juice I make for him is paying off. Beet juice is very good to cleanse our liver. And I will continue to IMAGINE all the good that it does for him.

I knew that supporting him with the Gerson Therapy (a therapy used to heal patients with chronic diseases) for 10 months had it's purpose. From that experience, I learned the benefits of juicing and fell in love with the idea instantly.

He also mentioned that he lost a few pounds and the doctor questioned him as to what he was doing. But the only thing we can think happened was that because his working and being more active now, his actually burning more calories than what his taking in. Now all we need to do is increase his calories more than what he needs for body-weight maintenance. I did mention in my previous post that his food sources and meal plans will continue to change
through out his treatments.

I've also noticed that he no longer relies on his pain meds like he used to in the past. In the beginning he couldn't even control his pain. They kept trying new pain meds for him to take. Then they increased it to a higher dose- which didn't work. And after his surgery, he was able to manage his pain a little better each week.

And today, I can honestly tell you guys that he no longer relies on morphine for pain every 2 hours. Now he only takes it every 4 to 5 hours and sometimes we even forget. Wow...this is AMAZING on it's own!


It's been a tough school year for the kids since Luis started chemo last year and it's time for them to enjoy their summer break and have fun. I'm talking about more free time, having friends over and not being on a tight schedule. Looking back now I do realize that It was hard for them too- witnessing the painful sleepless nights, morning sickness and the bad moods- (just to name a few).

But today, I'm also very grateful that I've never shared the full story with them. All they really needed to know is that their father is going to get better. And all I had to do is continue to reassure them that it will pass and things will get better.

And it's not always easy to hide it either because they also feel things that's around them- especially if their father is not feeling good. I'll give you guys an example!

We were on our way to the treatment center Friday for Luis's chemo. And while we were in the car, my daughter (Lourdes) asked her father: "Papi are you still feeling better or you just have a little pain?" Luis replied and said, "I have a little pain." For the past 3 days he's been having stomach cramps. He really didn't even want to do chemo. I actually thought that he was going to ask me to reschedule for him- but he didn't.

For me, I'm just glad that regardless of what's going on in the outside, I can still continue to IMAGINE and feel only the best. And dwell on possibilities. Did you guys know that our Imagination is our most POWERFUL faculty?

until next time.............imagine what is lovely! You are what you imagine yourself to be :o)


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