Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hi guys,

Friday the 27th was a very blessed day for us at home- and although it has passed, the feeling hasn't. This is another one of those days where you stop and reflect on how far you've come in your journey, how much you've actually grown- and how even your struggles and personal sacrifices can also have their own rewards. And sometimes those rewards may even come in a form of a small conversation with a doctor.


I'm happy to say that Luis has finished round 5 of his chemo cycle- which means 1 more round of chemo and then comes the PETSCAN. And although I'm not sure on the exact date, I do believe that it will be a day of celebration. I personally don't need to see a petscan to know that healing is taking place or that his going to be cured. I also don't expect anyone to believe in what is yet to come- I just need him to BELIEVE in it. "All things are possible to him that believe." Mark, chap 9 verse 23.

But I do also understand that doctors work differently and these scans will show how far they've come, and if they need to change something then this would be the moment of truth for them. So let those scans shine bright up near those lights and reveal to those that need to SEE to believe. :o)

Friday morning, (before chemo) I took the kids to school then headed to the treatment center to meet Luis. I wasn't going to go because I actually wanted to stay home alone to clean the house. But of course, somebody decided they wanted a haircut hours before chemo. And although the treatment center has a barber shop, he refused to go there. The last time he was admitted for those 2 weeks during surgery, he went there and the lady ended up messing up his hair by cutting too much into his curls.

After his hair cut- (and satisfying his craving for ice cream and a chili cheese dog at Dairy Queen) we headed back for his last appointment for a nurse assesment. This is where they check his weight, blood pressure, give him his bloodwork results and then an oncologist comes in to chat with him for a bit.

When Dr. Neelam's assistant came in, he shook our hands and began giving Luis some positive feedback regarding his treatment- which went something like this:

Aric: (physician assistant) "How you feeling Luis?"

Luis: "Good."

Aric: "You look great- I can tell you that right now."

Luis: "Thanks."

Aric: "Okay, so your bloodwork came back good, not normal but we never anticipate on normal anyways. So I will go ahead and put your orders in for chemo this afternoon. How are you handling the additional 46 hour chemo treatment that you go home with? Are you still able to eat even with your tube feeding?"

Luis: "Good- I think my body took it hard in the beginning but I feel like it's tolerating it a little better with each cycle. Yeah, I'm still eating."

Aric: "Good. Well, I have to tell you, this is a very aggresive treatment your on- and I must say, your doing extremely well. I'll be honest with you, most patients with this type of treatment can't seem to keep up with their cycles because how terrible the toxic makes them feel. And what happens is that they get so sick that we have to stop and prolong the treatment. But you seem to be doing so good with it. I'm encouraged. So what ever your doing, keep doing it because it's working for you."

Luis: "Okay thank you."

I can't tell you guys how exciting it felt just to listen in on that conversation. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I play that conversation in my mind. This is'nt just his reward but also mine. It feeds me spiritually and inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing as well. 


Last week, we've also made some time to take the kids to the beach. So while they played in the sand, Luis soaked up the natural Vitamin D from the sun while burying the kids in the sand for fun. I just collected some more (what my little guy calls) gratitude rocks and enjoyed the view and peace. Although the kids had a blast getting buried by Luis, he, on the other hand, ended up hurting himself later that week. The guy couldn't barely walk because his thighs were hurting so bad from the position he was in while burying the kids. I told him he had what is called the delayed onset muscle soreness- which comes 2 days later. His body isn't conditioned to handle that type of physical activity. But I told him hey at least you know you still have some muscles left in those skinny legs of yours. He didn't think that was funny- but I did. :o)    

until next time..............................decide what your beliefs are and know that a belief is a thought in your MIND and what you think, you create. Believe in perfect health. 


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