Friday, July 1, 2011


Hi family and friends,

For those of you who keep up with my blogs, I just want to first apologize for the delay on my updates. Things became a bit tuffer than usual at home. And besides that, I've also been focusing more on my personal goals (as I mentioned on my previous post). Since my last blog, Luis has done 1 chemo cycle with no petscan that would follow- and he's also cancelled 1 along the way.

His last chemo really kicked his butt and we were all in on a (what I like to call) BIG bump on the road to healing. The side effects must have been the worst of all. I'm not going to get into details on how tuff things became because I just don't think it deserve recognition- or to be repeated with my words, thoughts, and energy. I'm thankful it's over and we're moving forward towards greater health (as INTENDED).

After his chemo, we were actually expecting for the next appointment to be a petscan that would follow in 2 weeks- which would've been Friday June 24th. But when I called the scheduling department to found out why was Luis scheduled for chemo when we were told he's do for a petscan, the lady said that Dr. Neelam never put in the order for that.

I personally think it was a misunderstanding between the 2 doctors- and (of course) it wasn't meant to happen.

Because he also lost a few extra pounds, he wanted a break and rest from it all, (who could blame him). He decided that he wasn't doing chemo. And as usual, I supported him on his decision and called in to cancel.

The great news that I'd LOVE to share is that he's eating more solid foods and relying less on the tube feeding- (which I think is EXCELLENT). He's also resting a lot more now and saving his energy for the days that he goes to work. We're moving along patiently and confidently.

until next time.............intend great HEALTH for yourself every single day and see yourself healthy and well. :o)


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