Saturday, March 5, 2011


As of right now, Luis will be staying @ the treatment center possibly for the weekend! Since yesterday, they've been giving him these high calorie nutrition meals pumped through his stomach tube as well as the Total Parentetal Nutrition bags (1300 calories + vitamins included) accessed through his port. They're checking him every few hours for nausau. His doing very well with these meals (no nausau). So I'm not sure why they're dragging on letting him come home. But it's okay- his in good hands. Besides, I think his beginning to enjoy these pretty nurses taking care of his needs (I don't though). Lol!

But this morning- I was thinking as I waited for the elevator to arrive. I felt a sense of impatience coming through me- I just wanted the stupid elevator to hurry up already so I can go upstairs to be with Luis. Then it hit me! I continued on thinking about the ONLY positive word and experience that I'd like to remember from UIC hospital in Dec of 08- was the word PATIENCE.

It started when we first arrived to UIC. As we sat and waited for 4 1/2 hours to be seen- we became hungry. I went to the nurses kitchen to warm up some food- and a nurse walked in and asked me what kind of CANcer does my husband have. I replied and said (Pancreatic). As she stared at me with big eyes, she called out the word PATIENCE- and said to me (lots of PATIENCE). I had no idea (then) that this word would have such a powerful meaning to me today! But as I understand now- patience is the faculty in the human soul that allows us to accomplish our mission without allowing ourselves to be distracted from our purpose by obstacles (such as this one). And only when we're patient under ALL circumstances can we maintain harmony.

I'm glad that through all this, GOD continues to strengthen me in all my ways!

until next time............................think health


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