Thursday, March 3, 2011


I woke up this morning and had the chance to chat with hubby for a bit. Not to my surprise, (lol) said that he had the best night since Tuesday and slept like a baby! That alone (ofcourse) began my beautiful morning- (loved it). He will be coming home to my care Friday. But before that, I will be given some training on certain things that we need to follow. Am I worried? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I can't afford to worry and I refuse to make time for it either. Let me just clarify something here before I go further in my blogs (and you choose to follow)! You will not read any DRAMA, SORROW, PAIN, ANGER, FEAR, DOUBT OR WORRY from my blogs. We're not attracted to negativity and we certainly don't walk around feeling sorry for ourselves or carry bad vibes. We don't need sympathy or to feel sorry for- We're not a victim, wer're creators- just like everyone of you! Here, you will get to feel our JOY, HAPPINESS, LOVE, FAITH, PATIENCE AND PEACE! And you will get to walk with us as we continue to progress upward. What I wish to accomplish here is an opportunity to share our positive energy, thoughts, feelings and experiences with the circumstance we're facing. So get your shoes ready because we're going to learn how to dance in the rain and not sit back and wait for the storm to pass!

until next healthy and have a WONDERFUL weekend spend with loved ones!


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