Friday, July 22, 2011


Hi guys,

I'm here to give a quick update and let everyone know that Luis didn't do chemo this week due to a mistake on my part. I also mentioned on my previous post that he was having some pain issues near his J-tube and wanted to get it checked out. And although I was against it, he still persisted on visiting the ER last Monday.


I messed up on his chemo schedule so I had to reschedule for Monday the 25th. When ever I make his appointments I always leave the sheet in a drawer in my kitchen. But for some reason when I took the sheet out this morning, it ended up being an old one from June 24th. And I accidently mixed up the new date with the old one.

Last week Monday he decided (on his own) to go to the ER. They did the usual- blood work and a ct scan. Keep in mind also that we've gone to the ER twice for the same issue- and they found nothing. Both times were alsoafter his chemo. But this time around everything came back ok except that the ER doctor said he saw something in his liver- but weren't sure what it was.

This is also the reason why he hasn't gotten any ct/pet scan done. I think it has something to do with insurance polocies.

After I made his new appointment, the care management team called me back to say that Dr. Neelam wanted to go over the ct scan results more in depth on Monday before chemo. I will update here about how the conversation went. :o)

Right now, the good news is that he's glad I messed up his schedule because he's still having some pain and didn't feel like dealing with chemo. I guess it worked out for his benefit. And for me, it just means I will have more of the Luis I enjoy. And the kids will also have the father they love being around- without any of the stupid side effects that come with chemo. And yes, I'm still a true BELIEVER that the patient still has some control over their experience.

If you guys have a question or want to share your thoughts please leave a comment and I will reply.

Until next time........stay positive and optimistics

Have a fantastic weekend *HUGS* :o)


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