Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello my lovely family and friends,

As you guys may already know, last week Luis had a ct scan done while visiting the E.R. for some pain issues. And although he checked out okay, the ct scan showed something in the liver. So Dr.Neelam still wanted to go over the results with us before chemo on Monday the 25th.

At that point, I didn't ALLOW my mind to worry or even begin to entertain that thought. Luis did also mention that he wasn't worried about it- (which is what matters first and for most.) At that moment, my spiritual side spoke. I began thinking we've gone too far to turn around and question God now. And I thought, he's actually the one that's been taking of our worries so we don't have to. :o)


The ct scan results were in and Dr. Neelam came to meet us. She mentioned that they weren't sure what they saw in his liver. But she was very concerned and  sent him to get an MRI. After a few more positive feedbacks, she said, "I don't want you to do chemo today until I get the results back. If the results show that there's a tumor growth than we need to change it up and start a new chemo." She went and gave him a sheet with all the information about the new chemo and ALL its side effects.

You know what he did with that sheet? Garbage- that's right. First, the guy hasn't even taken the MRI and she's already trying to tell him what they're planning for him. And second, the worst thing (in my opinion) any patient, caregiver or even a family member can do (to make things worst) is to read and fill their MINDS with ALL the negative down falls about a drug. 

My belief is that if we're going to choose a specific treatment, to help cure ourself from an illness- than we must also trust and BELIEVE that it's going to help. Filling our minds with negative information- (the side effects of a drug for instance) doesn't help us to be an optimist. For me, keeping my mind closed to any outside distractions like that keeps me positive and optimistic about his healing.


We left the treatment center with the idea that he's not getting chemo today because the doc has to wait for the results to come back. Luis didn't mind at all. In fact, he said, "I'm going home to rest." As he rested, I went to Jewel for some groceries with my daughter Lulu.

As I'm pacing my self in the aisles and enjoying the shopping, my cell phone rings- it's Dr. Neelam's nurse Amy. She tells me, "Erika, the results came back  NEGATIVE for definite hepatic metastases." "Tell Luis Dr. Neelam wants him back in the infusion room right away for cycle 3 of round 6 chemo."

I tell you guys, that phone call lifted my spirit so high that I felt like I was floating. My feel good mood went from high to higher within seconds. It was that gratifying.         

The CT appearance of the liver is related to
heterogeneous fatty infiltration.  And so, all is well.      
And here's the additional positive feedbacks that I mentioned above:
  • CEA markers keep going down 
  • He gained 6 lbs.
  • The pancreas looks stable
  • And he's also cutting down on his tube feeding from 5 cans to 4 to even 3 on some days- now that his tummy's tolerating more solid foods.
Now, I know his pet scan is way past over due from what we were told. And I've been mentioning it on a few of my posts. But I'm not in a hurry for that right now. Let it drag if it needs to- I've just been given plenty of blessings- and I KNOW, with FAITH, the best is yet to come. :o)

Until next time.......never allow your mind to accept any negative suggestion- if you do, reject it immediately!


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