Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hi guys,

I'm back again and just thought I'd give you guys a quick update on Luis's progress. It's been over a week since his last chemo therapy and I'm glad to say that things are looking pretty amazing since his last cycle. Not sure what exactly changed this time around and don't really want to feed to much into it either. Although it could've been the 4 week break that he insisted to have. I will tell you guys this! No vomitting or nausea this time around. YAY! And I will let you guys know this week if he's having his petscan- with the results following after.

He did complain about some pain near his J-tube area right after chemo and also off and on since then. He also, at one point, wanted to go into the ER while we were staying at my moms- (due to a power out from the storm) I insisted for him to take morphine for the pain.

In the past, he's complained of pain in the area a couple of times and when we did go in, they checked him, did a ct scan and turned out it was nothing. I noticed that right after chemo, sometimes, he has pains in different areas in his body which come and go. He's got good days then ok then all of a sudden AMAZING days.

As far as everything else, well we're just enjoying summer barbeques with family and friends just like the rest of you guys.

I will keep you guys posted more of the good stuff later this week! :o)


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