Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi guys,

Here's another update on Luis's progress for those of you who are interested. It's been so far a good 2 weeks (for the most part) and another successful chemo treatment has passed us on Friday the 13th. The doctors visit went well but (as usual) the nausea feelings after chemo are back yet again- and I find myself faced with the usual challenges that come with being his caregiver and wife- (more on that on a later post).


Recently Luis was advised by his naturopathic and nutrition team to take some new supplements daily along next to his food and tube feeding. Their goal is to minimize the risk of side effects during his treatments, while still supporting his HEALTH. These also will help him stay strong and nutritionally balanced so his chemo treatments don't get interrupted.

For over 15 years I've been involved in nutrition, so I know the importance of it. Rather our goal is to lose weight, improve our physique or just seek for greater health- it always seems to make sense to start with our nutrition.

He's been advised to take some Muscle Milk for weight gain and L-Glutamine to prevent muscle breakdown and to support healthy immune system function. I should also mention that his food sources will continue to change and support him as he gets better along the path towards perfect health. I like to remind myself at times that NUTRITION is only a part of his treatment to support the healing process.

until next time....................have a great week.


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