Sunday, March 27, 2011


Welcome back!

Today I wanted to discuss an important subject regarding the faculties of the human mind. You know, the part that many of us don't know we have and unfortunately, our schools aren't teaching us. Yes, we have many marvelous mental faculties- there's the WILL, INTUITION, REASON, MEMORY, IMAGINATION & PERCEPTION. One of my favorite quotes comes from Napoleon Hill's book
Think & Grow Rich- he said, (An educated person is not necessarily a person with an abundance of general or specialized knowledge- an educated person is a person who has so developed the faculties of their mind that they can acquire anything they want or it's equivalent without violating the rights of others).

With that being said, I would like to dedicate this blog topic on perception- and how I came to understand it.

Within the last few months, two of my very dear friends (as well as my mom) have suggested some things for me to consider doing regarding my circumstance. They've said to me- (hope for the best and prepare for the worst)! Yes, that was their exact words. One of them even suggested to start a charity for Luis. And just the other day my mom asked me if we had life insurance on him (I can only imagine what she was thinking). But to be honest with you guys, we too use to think like them. When we first heard the bad news from the doctors- (back in December 2008). We were ignorant too- living in fear and was planning for the worst. I was ready to bury my husband before he even died. But I can tell you guys this- that was very short lived! And as soon as I understood how our mind works and the laws that govern our being- I was able to take control over my life and learn to think for myself.

You know this entire Universe opperates by law- and one of them being the law of polarity! Which means everything has an opposite- (It's like the flip side to the coin or the front and the back side of the book). So according to the doctors, my friends & my mom, they're all right from their point of view- so there's no need to argue with them. But me and Luis started to see things differently- (you know, from the opposite side). We started to think very optimistically and knew that there's a better way to achieve greater health. We learned that it's not WHAT we're looking at that matters but HOW we're looking at it.

There's so many of us that have a perception problem when we say I'm right and your wrong. Hey, I can be right from my point of view and you can be right from yours. So it's not a matter of whats right or wrong-it's what works, what's going to improve. Don't you agree?

So next time you disagree with someone, you might consider them right. They're right from their point of view. It might not take them where they want to go, but their point of view is just as accurate and right as yours.

until next time................... know that there's two sides to everything and you have the power (within you) to choose- choose life, choose love, choose HEALTH!


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